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Co-packer recommendations? May 10, 2007

Posted by Trish in Co-Packers.

What local co-packer do you use?



1. tsierer - May 10, 2007

We use Sun Mountain Foodworks out in Manor to make our Rocket Sauce. They are reliable and did a great job. Call Tom or Shane at 512.278.1122.

2. Billy - July 25, 2007

I’m looking for a retort or hotfill co packer that works with aluminum or pet bottles and is willing to start off doing an order of 100,000 units. Please, anyone who can point me in the right direction, I would be super appreciative!

3. tsierer - July 26, 2007

I got a list from Go Texan when I first joined. If you email Sarah at sarah.riggins@agr.state.tx.us, she will send you a list of copackers in the area. We could just post the list on our website here….

I called all the ones on the list until someone told me about Sun Mountain Foodworks. They may be able to help you as well. Contact Tom or Shane at 278-1122.

4. tsierer - February 15, 2008

I also recommend Gourmet Resources here in Austin. Contact Alex at 326-2526.

5. Jack - September 9, 2008

Bobbees Bottling, Inc

Northa Carolina

6. Mark Basch - February 14, 2009

Try Culinary Solutions in Alpharetta, Ga. . They will do hotfill sauces, salsa, dips, etc.. also cold fill. Michael at 404-734-8061or mb4402@gmail.com

7. colleen craig - August 1, 2011

I am looking for a sorbet co-packer in the Austin or Texas area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at cmaycraig@me.com

Thank you!!!

8. JD - October 19, 2011

Hi, I’m looking for a refrigerated co-packer for hummus in the Austin area. Can you also provide feedback on any personal interaction you’ve had with Alex @ Gourmet Resources?

Thank you!

9. Georgeta vlad - November 1, 2011

I am looking for co-packer, for home made soup. I am in Lubbock Texas, are there any co-packers close to my town? Thank you!

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