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For Chefs

Better bites of Austin, AKA Small Bites of Austin would like to connect local growers to Austin chefs who believe in the Slow Food philosophy of using fresh local produce when planning their menu. We would like to create a weekly email newsletter highlighting fresh produce that is currently available from the local growers who contact us. The newsletter would also detail upcoming produce that will be available so that chefs can plan their menus in advance.

The Plan
To begin this huge task of connecting everyone together, we need information from interested growers and chefs. Once we have the information, we will compile a newsletter and send it out every two weeks to all the chefs on our mailing list.

In the meantime, we have a list of restaurants in the area that use local produce in their menu planning. Growers, give them a call and let them know what you have available. The chef may ask you to drop off samples before actually placing an order.

Chefs Action Item
In the Comments box below, post your email address, restaurant name, phone number, and how far in advance you usually plan your menu. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know and we’ll try to help you find it. You can also send us the information by email.

If you are a chef looking for heirloom tomatoes or peaches, contact Tim at Millberg Farms.

Growers Action Item
In the Comments box below, indicate the produce you currently have available, what will be available in the next two weeks, your contact (name | phone | email) information, and whether you will deliver to the restaurant. You can also send us the information by email.

Ultimate Goal
Once we have growers sending us updates all the time and a solid list of chefs, this page will list all the produce available from each grower and what will be available in the following two weeks. Then we’ll send out the newsletter inviting the chef to browse the list and contact the grower to place an order. We also plan to organize a casual meet-and-greet party where growers can meet chefs in town and to give chefs a chance to sample the grower’s crop.

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1. lisa - May 29, 2007

we’d like to do seasonal treats for Sustain-a-Ball (next one June 30th)-
would probably need 10-20 lbs. of something like squah, zuchini or green beans- must be organic

This is a great idea- I see local restaurant folks at BCF every week! their veggies are the BEST! YUM!!! 🙂

2. Melissa - January 18, 2008

I’m a personal chef who (tries to) plan the menu a few days ahead of time. I normally write it on Monday or Tuesday, release it to my clients on Wednesday and gather their orders by Friday at 5. Currently, I get most of my produce from Central Market, but lately they haven’t had much. I’ve been visiting SVFM, but can’t make it to Boggy Creek for their market hours. I try to use anything that’s in season, but rely on the basics like onions, carrots, celery, squash, etc year round.

3. Christine - February 27, 2008

Melissa, have you looked into the Johnson’s Backyard Garden? I’m considering getting their fresh organic produce for my own personal use. While you don’t get to choose what you get, I have heard great things. http://www.johnsonsbackyardgarden.com

4. Jesse Bloom - July 10, 2008


I have a catering company and am committed to using local ingredients. We are also producing a prepared foods line. I plan menus a week in advance and have a standard ordering list for our prepared foods. I’d love to be in the loop.

5. Monte D. Young - October 29, 2008

Hi, I am a Personal Chef here in San Antonio and I am planning on starting a catering company as soon as I can get the kitchen rental issues taken care of. I hope to find a space here in S.A., but I will come to Austin as needed to prep for my customers. If anyone knows of any spaces available in SA pleased let me know. Thanks, MDY.

6. Michelle Cohen - October 31, 2008

Hi Monte. Shoot me an email at michellecohen@austin.rr.com. I have several emails I will forward to you. Also, check out the About page, there is a post there for space and equipment.

7. Michelle Cohen - October 31, 2008

Monte, check out this space too:


8. andrew brooks - January 23, 2009

Certified Commercial Kitchen Space for Rent

Monthly renters needed to share kitchen. Must have an established business/clientele to apply. Reasonable monthly rental rates. Small businesses only, please (personal chefs, bakers, small food manufacturer/purveyor).

This space is also available as a commissary kitchen.

To apply, call Andrew 844-1833

Or send a request to:


Referral appreciated also. Thanks!

9. Kelly M. McDaniel - February 16, 2009

This season (2009) I expect to produce:
zucchini blossoms
Rocket arugala
parsley (flat leaf and curly)
Tondi di Parigi carrots (orange, red)
baby turnips
Nastursium (leaves)

straight neck yellow squash
patty pan (yellow and green)
hibiscus sabdariffa (calyces and leaves)
tomatoes (yellow pear and Super Sweet 100)
baby okra
West Indian lemongrass
kaffir lime leaves
fennel (green)
Thai basil
Genovese basil
apples (Ein Shemer, Anna)
parsley (flat leaf and curly)
cucumbers (Persian, Japanese, Lemon)
Nastursium (leaves and flowers)

Late Summer/Fall
Moon & Stars watermelon

Organically-grown on a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat.
Will grow crops on spec.
Kelly: Mirepois@gmail.com

10. Michelle Cohen - February 21, 2009

New SOCO Restaurant is hiring for Lead Cook/ Kitchen Manager position that
should possess 2 years minimum line experience, for a fast paced all day
service facility.

The Restaurant:
New SOCO Restaurant (Opening April 1,2009)
Diner by day, serving full breakfast and lunch
Lounge by night, serving eclectic snack plates
Yummy food that’s primarily ORGANIC and LOCAL , affordable, and HEALTHY!

Gina Burchenal, owner
Gina’s Kitchen
Gina’s Kitchen, culinary consultant and private chef
512-658-0338 mobile

11. TRAE TRIPLETT - June 20, 2011

i am relocating to Texas from Los Angeles in the spring of the new year and would like to rcv your newsletter as well for my event catering company..thx Chef Trae

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